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Static Cling Vinyl
Static cling vinyl is a highly plasticized vinyl film designed to adhere to most clean, smooth surfaces. Static cling is available in either clear or white. These films are designed to accept a variety of UV curable and solvent-based screen and digital inks. Static Cling is designed for window decals, temporary product markings, point of purchase displays and protective masking.

Item Number
959006546 MIL54N/AClearStatic Cling Vinyl
959007520277 MIL2027ClearStatic Cling Vinyl
7920075547507.5 MIL549000ClearStatic Cling Vinyl
95900824368 MIL2436ClearStatic Cling Vinyl
9590082436W8 MIL24N/AWhiteStatic Cling Vinyl
959008508 MIL50N/AClearStatic Cling Vinyl
95900850W8 MIL50N/AWhiteStatic Cling Vinyl
959008548 MIL54N/AClearStatic Cling Vinyl
959008542508 MIL543000ClearStatic Cling Vinyl
95900854W8 MIL54N/AWhiteStatic Cling Vinyl

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